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Manseibashi Onarikaido kadokyo Silver

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Year: 2021 Medium: Pigmented ink on silver paper Dimension: 30.9 x 21.6 x 0.3 cm / 12.2 x 8.5 x 0.1 in Edition: 8 (3 remaining) Signature: Hand-signed by artist, back This work includes a certificate of authenticity, and black frame. Inspired by Hiroshige Utagawa This is the first work in the "Ukiyo.e" series published on the web in 2016. The title means "(from) the (near) Manseibashi (intersection) (in the near view) (overlooking) the (far) Onari-kaido Bridge (in the far view). The Chuo-dori in Akihabara(Akihabara Central Street) depicted in this painting was called Onari-kaido, because it was used by the Tokugawa shoguns during the Edo period (1603-1867) to pay homage to Kan'ei-ji (Tendai Buddhist temple) in Ueno. Onari means that the shoguns of high rank and others would go out in a parade-like procession. The name of the bridges on the street is a remnant of that name. Hiroshige depicted the procession of feudal lords near the present Manseibashi Bridge in "Sujikaiuchi Yatsukōji", No.9 from "One hundred Famous Views of Edo". 本作はデータとして2016年に発表された「浮世ドット絵」シリーズの第1作です。本作は「(近景の)万世橋(交差点)(より)(遠景の)御成街道架道橋(を臨む)」というタイトルが付けられています。この絵の主題である秋葉原の中央通りは、江戸時代に徳川将軍家が上野の寛永寺の参詣に使用したため御成街道と呼ばれていました。架道橋の名称はその名残です。広重の「名所江戸百景」第九景「筋違内八ツ小路」では現在の万世橋付近での大名行列が描かれています。

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